Lt. Dan Band Performs at Moody Air Force Base

Gary Sinise and The Lt. Dan Band performing at Moody Air Force Base

ICP definitely owns the stage!

Your staging is another critical component of every event. At ICP, we can create an indoor and outdoor stage to fit the venue, the event and even the performer’s preferences. You can trust in our 35+ years experience in the industry.

We can even incorporate video to create a “living” set. In Concert Productions works hand in hand with your organization to ensure that your event reflects your identity, personality and messaging “spot on.”

Some of our staging includes but is not limited to:

  • Stage Right 4′ x 8′ decks
  • Stage Right 4′ x 4′ decks
  • Stage Right 3′ x 8′ decks
  • Stage Right Choir risers
  • Stage Right Rolling risers

Check out our Stageline Mobile Stages:

  • ICP-msrSL100 – 24’ x 20’
  • SL250/260 – 32’ x 24’
  • SL255/265 – 32’ x 32’
  • SL320 – 40’ x 40’
  • SAM555 – 50’ x 40’
  • SAM555 w/ Covered 20’ x 40’ Wings
  • SAM750 – 70’ x 50’ w/ Covered Wings

To see all our mobile stages, visit